Designing for the next generation.

The human brain is incredible. It has around 100 billion neural connections and can process billions of bits of information every second. It’s an extraordinary piece of organic technology whose abilities can be even more significantly expanded thanks to brain interfaces. …

Everything you need to keep an 👀 on next year!

We are about to start the new year 2021 and the last year has been quite different and influenced the way we designed a lot. But let’s not talk about the last year but rather focus on the future!

I am working as an innovative designer with 8+years of experience…

5 things that will change the way we work and life forever

I spend the last year exploring our future cities together with Adobe and focussed especially on the future of work and how new technologies might change the way we work and life.

Even before the pandemic, there were already a lot of discussions about the future of work. So, many…

Patricia Reiners

UX/UI Designer from Berlin and an Adobe Creative Resident 2019 ✨ I am passionate about future cities, technology and innovation.

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