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Source: // Neuralink is designing the first neural implant that will let you control a computer or mobile device anywhere you go.

The human brain is incredible. It has around 100 billion neural connections and can process billions of bits of information every second. It’s an extraordinary piece of organic technology whose abilities can be even more significantly expanded thanks to brain interfaces. In the near future, brain interfaces may very well become a major input method.

How Brain Interfaces Work

A brain interface allows someone to interact with a computer by using their brain activity. Neurons within the brain are connected by dendrites and axons. Whenever we have a thought, physically move, feel something, or remember, neurons are firing away. Electric signals shoot out from…

Everything you need to keep an 👀 on next year!

We are about to start the new year 2021 and the last year has been quite different and influenced the way we designed a lot. But let’s not talk about the last year but rather focus on the future!

I am working as an innovative designer with 8+years of experience with companies on the future solution for their products. This helps me to get sneak peeks into the near future.

I prepared a list for you with everything you need to keep an eye on next year.

Let’s get started:

✨ #1 Superapps

The way we are going to be using apps will…

With every week that passes I get more and more excited about the possibilities new innovations in virtual reality (VR) provide. At the same time, what we really need now are use cases — cases where VR makes sense and provides value. During my time as a creative resident at Adobe, I had the opportunity to work on a project related to “the future of work.” I was tasked with thinking about what work will look like in the future, specifically in the next 5–10 years.

Illustration by Nayane de Souza Hablitzel.

My key takeaway: when looking at the way we work and will work in…

5 things that will change the way we work and life forever

I spend the last year exploring our future cities together with Adobe and focussed especially on the future of work and how new technologies might change the way we work and life.

Even before the pandemic, there were already a lot of discussions about the future of work. So, many companies used the last months as some kind of unplanned pilot project and announced now that employees can continue to work remotely but can still use the office space.

Covid-19 speeded things up and helped us to take one big step toward the future of work. It turned out many…

Top 5 future trends for our interfaces (2020)

source: Memory Alpha — Fandom

Please, don’t get ”inspired” by science fiction!

But what is the first thing that comes in your mind when you think about interfaces of the future? Probably things we have seen in movies like iron man or star trek.

There are some good reasons for not using start trek etc as a reference for the future and I will share some thoughts about future interfaces in this article.

Besides that, I am going to point out 6 future trends for interfaces.

During the residency at Adobe, I focused on the future — especially on the future of UX and interfaces in general. What always fascinates me is…

Top 5 most important UX topics for 2020

So many things have changed in the last year for us as UX/Product designers. We are living in an extremely exciting and interesting time where we need to be aware of the changes as well as demands on the job market to keep up to date and grow at a rapid pace.

I started a podcast last year about the Future UX/Product design and spoke with many leading UX Designers about exactly this topic. So, I want to share some interim results.

I don’t think anyone can predict what will happen in 10 years in product design. The field changes…

Research and requirements for digital products in Coliving spaces

💵 Business goal

The goal was to extend the booking period. So, the people should either extend their stay or book a longer stay at the first place.

🧔🏻 User goal

We wanted to impove the whole user experience of living at this coliving place. To achieve that, I conducted research to find the pain points which helped me to improve the whole experience.

Why I worked on this project

I believe in the coliving concept and was lucky to work with a coliving place in Finland. …

Why we won’t spend the future uninspired, alone and in overpriced apartments

〰️ Part1

You probably wondered as well how living in the future will look like? Or maybe you wonder whether it’s even a world you would want to live in?

By 2030, the planet is projected to have 43 megacities — classified as those with more than 10 million inhabitants. Most of them in developing countries in Asia and Africa. At the moment we have 33 megacities.

By mid-century, almost 70 percent of the world’s population will be urbanised — an increase from just over half compared to today. However, no matter where it occurs, rapid urbanization doesn’t take place…

8 steps that will help you to create an application that stands out!

The applications for the Adobe Creative Residency are open! Getting paid for a year to work on a passion project. You get a mentor, a lot of support from Adobe, speaking opportunities and most importantly: The time to focus on your dream career! I am going to share some tips for creating an outstanding application.

Almost one year ago I applied for the Creative Residency. I didn’t learn about the program until the very last minute and that didn’t give me much time to prepare. I spend exactly one day to create. …

A brief inspection of our responsibility as designers

I was meeting a friend for coffee and surprisingly started talking about a topic we never really talked or thought of before or even looked up anything on the internet. We talked about tiny pizza ovens for your home. We discussed where to put it and even what kind of cool parties we could throw with this oven. Baking pizzas all night long. Basically a crazy party.

Guess what — on my way back home I scrolled through Instagram and many amazing offers for tiny pizza ovens appeared.

I think we all…

Patricia Reiners

UX/UI Designer from Berlin and an Adobe Creative Resident 2019 ✨ I am passionate about future cities, technology and innovation.

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